Human Resources
Staffing & Recruiting
Compliance & Record Keeping



Companies tend to spend a lot of money on Human Resources,
so let us help you do it right!

Companies are required to keep a lot of documents on their employees, such as I-9 forms, employment and employment histories, etc. This can be a nightmare to manage. Let us handle all compliance and regulatory issues for you, and we will ensure that you are advised accordingly, providing the peace of mind that you want.

We can provide you with a safe and secure paper-file, and files/document accessibility on your own server. Employees can work remotely from their own homes on your own server with no risk of outside access to your documents.

Many people who work from home may not be aware of the possibility that their data may be at risk. But we ARE aware of these risks, and with our service, we can ensure that your information is NEVER in harm’s way, and NEVER at risk of being compromised by outside threats.

Need to hire or terminate? We can provide that service to you without exposing your company or firm to any problems. Let us keep track, follow up and keep your records updated with all necessary documentation. We will monitor access to all of your systems, to ensure quality control,secure access, and prompt availability to all your confidential and important files.

We also offer Onboarding and professional training for all employees, to ensure proper understanding and usage of all your systems and processes. We can provide quality training to help you create the kind of employees who are capable, knowledgeable, and proficient in the way YOU would like everything accomplished.